Story of My Room Mate, Nelson Llason

*Room 308, Cliff Appartement, Columbia, South Carolina, Untited States

By looking at his face and hearing his name, I couldn’t guess where he was from. But  I thought he was from Latin America, although I didn’t know the exact country. Nelson Llason is his name and he’s from Valparaiso city, Chile. This country has the longest coastline in the world. It has dessert and borders Peru in the north, has mountains and borders Argentina in the east, the Pacific Ocean in the west, and Antartica in the south. The weather is hot in the north, warm in the middle, and cold in the south. It is often shaken by earthquakes, including what just happened in February 2010. In the past, Chile and almost all countries in Latin America were colonized by Spain, except Brazil. That’s why they use Spanish in daily conversation, except Brazil uses Portuguese. Eventhough Chile is located in Latin America, the Chilean people never think that they are in Latin America. They are just Chilean, it’s enough.

Nelson came to the USA alone on January 2010. His family is still in Chile. He chose the University of South Carolina as a place for learning and improving his english skill. It is his second term at the English Programs for Internationals USC. He is going to finish this program and continue his doctoral degree next August. He has a Fulbright Scholarship to pursue a PhD in International History program at Ohio University, in Columbus, US. History for him is very important. By knowing history, we can make a better decision for the future in all areas such as economy, politic, military, culture, etc. It’s because history has a such pattern of events that may happen again in the future. So, it can be considered when someone is going to make a decision.

As in many developing countries, a high school teacher in Chile also has a low salary. If someone wants to get a better salary, he has to move to become university teacher. This is also going to be done by Nelson. He left high school where he had taught for 3 years. He goes to the USA to pursue his PhD. After he graduates with PhD, he wants to go back to Chile to be a university teacher. He also has a plan to do some research in the international history field.

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