The Good and Bad News

A man receives a phone call from his doctor,

Doctor: I have good news and bad news for you

Man: Give me the good news first

Doctor: You still have 24 hours to live

Man: Then, what’s the bad news?

Doctor: I forgot to tell you yesterday

I thought this joke was very funny. It was given by my teacher, Renata Babakova, at speaking/listening class in English Programs for Internationals, University of South Carolina, US last week. Every student had a different joke and then they had to tell it to each other in english language. The problem was we had to memorize it, no reading. Some students have another problem, they couldn’t pronounce words well like student from China and Korea, probably because of their special tongue. Therefore, it was very difficult for us to understand what they were talking about. As an Indonesia, we didn’t have any problem. Someone said that Indonesian people have unique tongue so that they can pronounce well all languages in the world. (Who said like that???).

Not surprisingly, some foreign students said to us that our english skill is very good. Hopefully, it’s gonna be reality, not just praise merely:)

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