Abstract of My Practical Work Report

The main challenge in the semiconductor industry today is how to design a System on Chip (SOC) with the increasingly complex functionality, smaller size, higher speed, more affordable price, and shorter time to market. One of the most important aspects in the design flow to achieve the above challenges is the verification. Verification is a process of checking a chip design to determine if the design is in conformity with the desired specifications or not. Verification is a very crucial because it takes 70% – 80% consumption of time and cost of a chip production.

In the early part of this practical work report, presented the introduction of WiMAX technology and its comparison with the technology Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) others such as 3G systems and Wi-Fi. WiMAX technology which consists of fixed and mobile WiMAX offers higher peak data rates, greater flexibility, and  higher average throughput dan system capacity. Furthermore, mobile WiMAX technology offers the additional functionality of portability, nomadicity, and mobility.

The main focus of this practical work report is methodology and tools used for verification of mobile WiMAX chips in PT. Versatile Silicon Technologies. Fields discussed only in the areas surrounding the work done during the last practical work, such as, the testbench, simulation, code coverage, assertion, Lint checking, RTL synthesis, and formal verification. The purpose of all this is to ensure that the designs are made in accordance with the desired specifications. Tool that is used to verify the ModelSim from Mentor Graphics Corp. and Synopsys (VCS, Design Compiler, Formality, Leda Checker).

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